Managing the interests of your kids or students in studies is undoubtedly a really tough task. Being a tutor, parent or a sibling of a child who is no longer interested in any of his study material , you might be in a very mind-bobbling situation on what to do and what not to.

Already dedicating so many precious hours of their life to the school, kids no longer show keen enthusiasm to study in their homes expect the homework that they are forced to do on their teacher’s orders. So, what do you do to bring back their engrossment in studies? In case, you force them to study, trust me, this is the worst option. Just take this case on yourself and think how would you feel if anyone makes you do something forcefully that is not even of your interest. Same goes with your kids. Any other option apart from this might not be hitting your head at this moment, but I have come up with a solution for this one and I can ensure it’s success.
How about making your child’s studies and boring subjects interesting by adding some fun to them? Yes, you can do this, also this is way too easy than you think. Here, in this method your sole intention of grabbing the child’s interest remains the same but the way to attain it has changed. It has tranformed from being a “forecful one” to an “interesting one”. I have come up with 7 ways in which you can make the studying full of fun and frolic for your kids, have a look:

Games are commendable!

Turn your kid’s lessons into interesting games. These games will not only make it way more interactive but also increase a sense of competition in your child. Serving both purposes of being “fun” and “educational”, games will prove to be one of your most amazing choices. Let me examplify this. You can say one word and ask your child to identify your word’s last letter and then say one word from that letter. Continue this game as it will lead to improvisation of vocabulary.

Animations are kids’ all time favourite!

Internet is a hub of knowledge. Insteading of making your child study by just reading and learning, indulge him in some animations, songs and stories. Children love colours. Give them a chance to see TV more. Yes, more TV. But, the channels should be Discovery, Animal Planet and other informative ones. Learning through songs and rhythm makes the learning best for them.

Educational Games are a hit!

Technology has already taken education to an unimaginable level and that too in such a short span of time. Thanks to its advanced features that the educational games available through it are helping the children grow. These have made learning fun. These make use of stories, sounds, animations etc. to make studies full of fun and frolic. Download these educational games in your laptop, PC, iOs or Android, introduce them to your kids and they are undoubtedly going to love studying through them.

Mnemonics and Acrostics are a must!

Mnemonics are majorly used with the sole aim of improving the memory. So, how can you improve the memory of your kids so that they can easily remember everything they have learned? Confused, right? Well, you can make it interesting by composing varied funny sentences of your children’s interest so that they remember their studies through those sentences. For example, Please Excuse My Dear Aunt Sally (Parentheses, Exponents, Multiply, Divide, Add, and Subtract).

Let your kids be the teacher!

Now is the time for you to be the student and let your kid teach you. You can do this in a playful manner by making some cards. On one side of the card, write the question and write the answers on the back side. Ask your kids to teach you and interrogate you with the help of those questions. When they will ask you these questions, act as if you don’ t know the answer and let them see the answers and tell you. This will make them learn easily.

Nothing goes above practical learning!

How much making some objects on your own and experimenting them. Children learn very quickly when they experience things in their real life. They learn from their personal experiences. Bake a cake, engage your kids in that. You can ask them to measure and then pass on all the ingredients accordingly, identify the colours, taste etc.

Physical Games are fun!

If your child is not at all active, there arises a great need for you to indulge in physical games or you can say the outdoor games. These games might incorporate Statue, musical chair, etc. These games will improve the concentration level and strength of your child. The more active he will be, the more will he be able to study.
So, above listed ways will surely help you out in making studying fun for your kids. Let your kid grow mentally as well as physically not just by being a “bookworm’’ but by playing and simultaneously studying with the help of these aforementioned amazing tactics.