What makes ichamp the most revolutionary learning app in mathematics?

If you want the all-round development of your child, the first thing that holds the utmost importance is the “education”. Education has the greatest role in the growth of your child, mentally as well as physically.

Witnessing the present scenario, this term has become the most valuable one and also the one to decide one’s career. Children nowadays are too fortunate to get the education’s facilities but are they making a good use of it? They study, but this is not done by them with keen interest. They run away from studies, instead they want to play. They choose games over studies and the sole reason responsible for this is that play involves “fun” whereas studies involve “seriousness”. There stands tons of difference between these two. Great education for your child is no more a dream. It is affordable.

You all might be confused about what to do and how to make your kids prefer education more than playing. iChamp is here to swipe away all your tensions as it has really made learning a way full of fun and frolic. Having the sole intention of facilitating the kids and young adults with the varied games and quizzes for them to learn as well as play simultaneously, iChamp will serve the present generation in the most interactive way possible. It has been recorded that majority of the students hate Maths and iChamp is here to transform that hatred into love. Mathematics is not at all the way it is considered. Our conventional education system has made this a dull and boring subject but trust me this is one of the most interesting subjects and iChamp is succesfull in proving this.

iChamp brings for you the India’s first Multimedia Live Testing Platform for Mathematics. This is undoubtedly true that not only the kids but adults too perform really well when things are done keeping a competition in mind. Keep this in view, iChamp has developed a Live Patform where your child can compete with other online users of the same grade. Competition between the peers increase the curiosity in the children to solve and perform more and more questions in order to grab the highest rank. iChamp breaks the monotony of the child’s disassociation with Mathematics. Kids are not able to understand the concept of this subject, they hate numbers and iChamp has come up as a one-stop-solution to this query by bringing you a method of learning with fun and playing with numbers.

Books make the procedure of studying way too boring but the colourful pictures and moving animations on the iChamp is seeking their attention. iChamp is able to bridge up the gap between the parents and the child. The child interacts more with his/her parents when they play and studying through iChamp is no less than playing. Learning now is more considered to be a passive activity as it is now being done through iChamp. iChamp is available 24x7, there is classroom everywhere now. No need for you to follow any schedules, you can take tests and do self assessment through iChamp during any time you want.

Also, you can maintain a full track of your kid’s learning and on the other hand you can also witness the improvement level of your child through iChamp. This calls out for self-assessment. You as a student do not need any teacher or any senior to come and check your tests as you are your own teacher in this case now. You can see your scores and also visualize the wrong and right answers and improvise accordingly. iChamp has come up with an aim of bring revolution in the conventional way of education that is being followed in our country. There is a great need to transform this boring learning system into an entertaining one and iChamp has commendably proved to be the change formulator out here.