Why iChamp is must for your child?

The first and foremost step in the ladder of an individual’s social development has to be Education. The very essence of all our day to day actions, is reflected by our conscious and unconscious learning. In today’s era, where education is not only fundamental but has also acquired a prestigious value, ‘iChamp’ is an endeavor that aims to become a synonym for Children’s Education.

Mathematics can be a troublesome subject for many, however, with the right amount of practice, one can master the art of solving Math. ‘iChamp’ is the new generation learning app that promises to make learning feel like playing. It is an online testing app and a reliable education partner that gradually transforms the hatred for Math into love. Through the gamification element of ‘iChamp’, even when the child is not making an effort to learn, his or her mind will unconsciously process new information.

This method of learning will not only improve the grasping power of the child but also the ability to analyze ideas, topics and concepts. Questions have been formulated in a way to ensure that the student always has a challenge to look up to. Amongst the various features of the app, ‘Live Testing’ is a unique one. Children develop a competitive edge by testing themselves against their peers, LIVE and in a multiplayer format. The student can also challenge his fellow mates to come up for a LIVE test. Skill based points are awarded to the kids as they play more. Leaderboards are formed leading up to the daily, weekly and monthly India Champs. Unlocking Avatars, receiving badges with a number of achievements such as ‘Academician’, ‘Genius’, ‘Champion’ etc. serves encouragement and motivation along with appreciation and recognition that every child deserves.

The app diminishes the distance between parents, children and education. Parents usually do not get to participate in their child’s education as much as they wish to. For them, to keep a track of their child’s constant progress is another struggle. ‘iChamp’ becomes the solution for the former as well as the latter, by providing a Parent’s Login ID with a Child’s Login ID. A record is displayed where a statistics of all the tests undertaken can be perceived by the parents. It includes an average of the time taken per answer, accuracy rate and XP earned. This approach helps parents to become aware of the child’s weaknesses as well as strengths. Being the new word for practice, ‘iChamp’ not only tells the problem but also provides the solution for the same. ‘Practice makes Perfect’ is a cliché whereas ‘iChamp’ is a plan put into action that offers a platform for children to practice a plethora of questions in order to achieve perfection, minimizing the scope for silly mistakes.

The importance of education is indispensable. When all aspects of life are perishable, education is a companion for lifetime that cannot be snatched or stolen. Children are the future of the nation and ‘iChamp’ is an initiative to ensure quality in children’s education by adding grace to the existing educational system, and on the other hand making sure that parents invest in their children’s bright future.