Why practice makes a child perfect – the importance of solving more and more problems.

The old adage- Practice makes a man perfect has come down from ages. In fact, in current times when super specialisation is the norm for all professional fields, it is of utmost importance. And it has to start at the grass root level. Thus practise not only makes a man perfect, it also makes a child perfect. Practise becomes of utmost importance to kids in today’s competitive scenario when they need to be the best to carve out a niche for themselves.

Practise can be applied to a kids day to day activities along with its academic studies. For one’s subject related education, it is with practise that facts become clearer. To take the example of Mathematics- To understand the concept of multiplication, a child needs to practise and solve as many problems as possible. To be crystal clear regarding the concept of multiplication, the more he practises, the better his calculation becomes. Increased practise will not only increase his understanding but also his speed and ease of the concept.

Regular practise of various concepts of Maths will not only help in eliminating silly mistakes and repetitive errors but also bring better performance. To remember and enhance the knowledge of various rules of Maths, it is very important to do continued practise. Practise can help a child to overcome various challenges and help in increasing speed of solving as well.

Similar to this, other subjects like english and physics also need a considerable amount of practise. When one practises something, they use their continous intellect into improving. Thus it leads to sharper and better responses and become errorless. With practise, children can easily understand their mistakes and what are their weak points. They can then work on those weak points anc conquer their fears.

Just like practise is the only key to success in art forms like music, dance, arts etc, it applies to other aspects of life too. Right from the cradle a child has to practise to become efficient in something. From the time it learns to talk to the time he achieves profiency in a language, a child does the same through continous practise. Similarly, one’s educational capabilities can also be enhanced and perfected by practise and improving their difficulty level. Test your knowledge across various skill levels and keep practising. It is the only key to achieving perfection.