The iChamp Generation:Driven Towards Betterment

Darwin’s theory of ‘survival of the fittest’ is a praxis that has been inculcated in our lifestyle and our children are no stranger to this competitive spirit that rules today’s world.

As the children of today are the future of tomorrow this pressure to perform better exceeds everything and is drilled in children as soon as they hold a pencil in hand. In a generation where technology is king, you may have witnessed firsthand, the exposure your kids, nephews, and nieces have to the digital revolution we are experiencing. Taking these developments in stride, with a vocation to serve India’s upcoming generation, the visionaries at iChamp have come up with the idea of iChamp generation.

With the exposure that the kids of today have towards technology and multi-media, this phenomenon revolves around it and gravitate this obsession towards the betterment of your kids. The iChamp generation is a catalyst and by-product of this endeavor that focuses on transforming the learning process in India. The iChamp generation campaign seeks to promote a culture that revolves around the sense of “being better”. To make sure that your kid fairs better than their peers our web app by the same name is a one of kind multimedia platform. To benchmark his/ her performance against kids his/her age, your child undergoes several practice tests and tasks. This genius intervention seeks to transform the way learning is done in India by gamifying the whole process so that it doesn’t feel like an ordeal. As your kids engage in these interactive games and puzzles their interest gets build up to adopt this modern and insightful way of learning which is slowly developing into a phenomenon.

With complete access to the wonders which education and technology offer, the iChamp generation is certainly gaining ground. To engage in this up and coming revolution, your children are made to walk through a five-stage betterment process for an all-around development as this campaign is all about being a better version of yourself. The 5 core driving messages of the campaign include:

  • Learning Better
  • Achieving Better
  • Improving Better
  • Practicing Better
  • Performing Better

Being better in these five areas of learning is important with each stage related to others and hence, indispensable. The need behind strengthening these core stages originated because the current or traditional system of learning taught in schools is not enough in this changing world and your kid needs to adapt to them. This is why the gamified lessons engage young mind like no other and develop these qualities that separate him/her from the rest. The iChamp app engine works the same way, for the overall improvement of a student’s learning and practicing ability, establishing an imprint of success and confidence in a student’s grey cells.