To lay a solid base for Mathematics we cover topics like addition, subtraction, number counting, and missing numbers. With lots of number puzzles and Math games for class 1, your kid will have lots of fun playing with numbers and garner a keen interest in learning.

As your child enters Grade 1, it symbolizes a solid step towards his education and therefore requires laying a firm foundation. With a thorough knowledge of respective concepts that will aid in laying a strong base, iChamp seeks to help lay a solid foundation with a wide range of fun Math games for kids that cover the following topics-

  • Counting - Forward and Backwards
  • Missing Numbers
  • Comparing Numbers
  • Addition
  • Subtraction

With its interactive and educational Math games, iChamp is a must have Math learning app for class 1 students. Along with being available on both Android and IOS systems, the ionic app is trying to transform the learning process by including a fun factor that will make learning Math more interesting. Based on the updated syllabus prescribed by the education boards throughout India these games and puzzles are created to not only teach your child the different concepts but do so in a playful manner, so that is doesn’t become daunting.


To build a solid base, iChamp’s English learning app for class 1 constitutes English exercises on Naming Words, Simple Pronouns, and Verbs as well as opposite words for easy comprehension.

English is a universal language that entails proficiency, not because it’s a medium of communication, but also because it is the medium to acquire knowledge. As a child in grade 1, your kid may have just started school but it is at this stage that children start noticing things in their environment and infer from it. Therefore, as parents, you are more than invested in your child’s education, especially his/her English knowledge not as a medium of communication but a lifelong skill. iChamp’s quizzes are like English lessons online, a learning process made fun with a virtual base unlike the ordeal of textbooks and homework. To help your child comprehend the basics we initially cover topics like -

  • Naming Words
  • Understanding Words with the help of Opposites, Singular/ Plurals, Genders
  • Verbs- Action Words
  • Prepositions

These innovative English exercises and quizzes from iChamp are therefore another step in Ed-tech’s campaign in India. Adding a futuristic edge to the otherwise conventional study pattern that is often termed as boring, this endeavor by iChamp is certainly commendable. This ionic app can be downloaded on both Android and IOS systems to provide your child with skills to help lay a solid foundation.


Hindi is among the most challenging subjects for students these days. The iChamp Hindi Learning module aims to improve the basic comprehension levels of students. Our aim to is to make students comfortable with word construction and grammar. Some of the topics that the student will study in class 1 are:

  • अमात्रिक शब्द - दो, तीन, चार अक्षर
  • मात्रा - पहचान
  • शब्द निर्माण
  • मात्रिक शब्द - दो, तीन अक्षर
  • वचन शब्द
  • विलोम शब्द
  • मात्रिक शब्द - वाक्य प्रयोग
  • बारहखड़ी - समझ
  • बारहखड़ी - वर्ण अभ्यास
  • अनुस्वार - चिन्ह की पहचान
  • अनुस्वार - शब्द पहचान
  • अनुनासिक - चिन्ह की पहचान
  • अनुनासिक - शब्द पहचान
  • तुकांत शब्द